Hummingbird Bakery Review

So as some you may know,  I used to work @ the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington. They have several branches over the Central London area selling a variety of baked goods, mainly cupcakes. Outside the South Kensington bakery, is a little seating area where you can sit and enjoy one of their baked goods and an ice cold drink when the weather decides to behave; on that odd occasion.

When I first went to the Hummingbird Bakery I bought a Red Velvet, Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcake. The vanilla didn’t taste like vanilla and the texture of the cake was quite wet, almost soggy but I did love the shade of green icing though.  The chocolate cupcake was okay but I HATE chocolate vermicelli so that definitely spoilt it for me. Now, I used to be seriously afraid of  red velvet. That bright red colour seriously just put me off it, I thought it would affect the taste of the cake and it was just weird. I’m weird.  But how wrong was I ?!?! The cupcake was fluffy & moist and the traditional cream cheese frosting was delicious. However, I found that all the frostings were way tooo sweet. Sickly sweet. To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend giving the cupcake with all that frosting to little kids or your granny, unless you want them bouncing off the walls with their hyper selves. But the RED VELVET CAKE *WINNER*


My second visit consisted of me purchasing the Raspberry Cheesecake and the Frosted Brownie and the Red Velvet Whoopie at the Soho branch. The raspberry cheesecake wasn’t for me but I managed to grab a wedge of it anyway. I’m not a huge fan of baked cheesecakes in general, I find the texture weird so I ate the raspberry whipped cream, scooped off the cheesecake and munched on the brownie. The whipped cream wasn’t too sweet and contrasted well with the brownie, along with the sharp taste of the raspberries. Best part about the frosted brownie was the chocolate cream cheese frosting, which was so velvety and smooth and brownie moist and chewy with the slight crunch of the walnuts. Perfect texture combination. The red velvet whoopie I had was a little weird tasting, but if  and the marshmallow cream cheese filling was the best I HAVE EVER TASTED. I could literally eat it out of a tub.

FROSTED BROWNIE *WINNER* The chocolate biscuit bar is also really good ( I used to eat the scraps @ work)

Both times I have visited the staff were friendly and were happy to explain the different products. Overall I give Hummingbird Bakery 6 forks (1 being the worst 10 being the best)

To buy some of their products visit one of their branches or order online @

Oh So Sweet Baker x



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