Jus Rol Croissant Review

20121228_122751We can’t all get up in the morning go to Paris for breakfast, wander around the streets as smells of freshly baked bread and pastries dance around in the air and entice you to stop off at a boulangerie or a pâtisserie to sample some of their delicious hand crafted goods. Nope that’s highly unlikely that will happen. But I do want croissants. Freshly baked croissants that is. But do I really want to wait over 5 hours in the morning for croissant, no not really. I could go to the local bakery, only I wouldn’t class Greggs as a local bakery so unfortunately I’m stuck. 20121228_115053So when I went strolling around my supermarket as I do, I came across Jus Rol ready to bake croissants in the chilled section. Seeing this I quickly grabbed this and rushed home, preparing myself to bake them the next morning. I had high expectations of this product as I use Jus Rol’ products quite often. As I opened the can of croissant dough it reminded me of Crescents, a product I see regularly on Pinterest. I believe I using all five senses when cooking and eating food and unfortunately these smelt rancid. So already I was off to a bad start. The dough was already perforated so I just cut along the lines using a pizza cutter. The instructions on the can on how to roll was confusing so I just googled how to.2012-12-28 11.55.54 2012-12-28 11.57.24 20121228_115904 I filled half with Nutella and sprinkled crushed hazelnuts on top, the others I left plain. I egg washed mine to give it a nice shine and baked these at 180°C for 10-15 minutes. They came out lovely and golden and increased in size. The kitchen filled with aromas of the croissants, which was much better smelling than before. Flaky pastry with lovely laminated layers, just how a croissant should look and feel but the overall taste was a let down. They weren’t buttery and full of flavour. Unfortunately these were truly disappointing. Next time I’d rather wait 5 hours for the croissant dough than to eat these again.


4 out of ten for this as the flakiness and the lamination was good other than that, a real disappointment.

Oh So Sweet Baker x


  1. It’s really interesting to read this post, I read it completely now I’m interested to know more about.

  2. bushbaby_de says:

    I’ve actually just sent Jul Rol an email to tell them how disappointed I was with this product. It tasted nothing like croissant, more like crescent shaped pie lids. Very peculiar!

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