Bananas Foster Crème Brûlée Pancakes

2013-02-12 11.26.40If you are a traditionalist then look way now because these pancakes are no way near the traditional lemon and sugar pancake, and by pancake I mean crepes. types you may have on ‘Shrove Tuesday’ (pancake day) These are pancakes with sheer indulgence and luxury. Perfect to use up some old bananas or if your Monday wasn’t a great way to start off the week then the boozy caramelised bananas with help you with your struggle to the end of the week. I originally wanted to do a crepe cake but that uses tooo many crepes and I know my family wouldn’t eat it.

2013-02-12 11.26.45

2013-02-12 11.06.42Creme Brulee is French for burnt cream which consists of a set custard sprinkled with sugar then bruleed. In this instance the set custard part of this dessert comes in the form of my style of pastry cream which uses whole eggs instead of just the yolk to minimise left over egg whites. The crepes are flavoured with coconut milk instead of milk and coconut oil instead of butter. Feel free to replace the coconut milk and oil with these. You will need a blowtorch for this. Mine decided not to work so I couldn’t get the crunchy top I wanted. The coconut crepes in itself are dairy free.

For the pastry cream…
1 whole egg
25g caster sugar
1tbsp cornflour
180ml milk
pinch grated nutmeg

Heat up the milk in a saucepan. In a separate bowl, combine the egg, sugar, cornflour and nutmeg and whisk lightly.
Gradually pour the hot milk onto the eggs whilst whisking, then return to the pan an cook till the mixture thickens, constantly whisking.
When thick spoon into a container and cover with cling film directly touching the surface to prevent a skin forming and allow to cool

For the coconut crepes…
110g plain flour
25g caster sugar
1tsp salt
1tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
200ml coconut milk
1tsp coconut oil melted
25ml water
vegetable oil for frying

Whisk together all the dry ingredients. Then add the wet ingredients and whisk till smooth. Pour into a measuring jug.
Warm a non stick frying pan and brush lightly with oil. Pour a small amount of mix into the pan whilst tilting and cook the pancake on one side till golden, then turn over and cook on the other side. Keep the pancakes covered in foil
Repeat this until all the mix has been used up.

For the caramelised bananas…
150g caster sugar
2tbsp butter
1tbsp milk
2 bananas sliced
pinch sea salt
50ml of rum
50g hazelnuts

In a saucepan add the sugar and heat till it goes to an amber colour. You can swirl the pan but do not stir it as it will crystallise. When making caramel do not leave the pan as it will change from amber to burnt very quickly
When the sugar is at the amber stage, stir in the milk and butter, then the sea salt, bananas and rum and cook for 1 minute

For the brulee…
caster sugar

To assemble, place some of the bananas into the centre of the pancake and smooth out. Roll it up and place in an oven proof dish or frying pan.
Sprinkle on some hazelnuts, then spread on the pastry cream and sprinkle generously with sugar
Using the blowtorch, torch the top till the sugar browns.

Oh So Sweet Baker x



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