Salmon Rillettes + 10 ways to eat it

Salmon and bagelSometimes I like to do things backwards. At time it’s just easier that way. Take this post for example. I started with the recipe and notes then went on to the different ways to eat it, simply because I had a bit of writers block. Sometimes I browse on other blogs, magazines, Instagram and Pinterest if I have writers block or even bakers blog just to get some inspiration

Whilst browsing the web as I do, I came across this Salmon Rillettes on Spoon Fork Bacon’s newly refurbished blog and was instantly intrigued. As a chef I had certainly heard of Rillettes but have known it to be usually made with duck or pork and is usually a coarse pate. I often see it on French Bistro style restaurant menus, but I usually turn my nose up at it to be honest.

salmon spreaBut this was something I definitely had to try. It is something definitely up my street and since I hadn’t had my weekly fix of fish I knew I had to make it straight away.

Since this has a very strong fish taste, I had to create something to counter the strong fish flavour. I made a beetroot salad with sharp apple matchsticks and sweet carrot shreds. The earthy taste from the beetroot goes really well with the sharp and sweet apple; which all turns a lovely purple hue due to the beetroot, which help cuts through the fish taste.

Salmon and drinkWhile this make a lot of mixture enough for 6 generous helpings, it doesn’t last. We devoured it within two days having it for breakfast, lunch and just a spoonful of it plain straight out of the bowl.

This spread is so versatile and you can use it to add to different meals.

  1. Spread it on top of bagels served with a side salad (like here shown). This is my favourite way to eat it
  2. Slice a sourdough baguette and lightly toast. Spread the rillettes on top for a crunchier variation. Great for canapes
  3. Get two slices of your favourite bread. Spread a generous helping of the salmon rillette on top of one slice and finish with sliced cucumber and the other slice of bread for a summer sandwich.
  4. Fold it into some potato salad. Add more spring onion, watercress and some green beans for a perfect summer salad.
  5. Boil some pasta. Fold the salmon into the pasta with some sweetcorn, peas, green beans and some parsley.
  6. If you’re a fan beetroot soup, spoon a heaped tablespoon of it into your soup.
  7. Spoon a little of the mix on top of some individual lettuce leaves such as cos, little gem, endive or radicchio for quick and easy two bite nibbles.
  8. Serve with lightly buttered new potatoes and some steamed veg for a light dinner
  9. Salmon Rillette Puffy Omelette. Whisk some eggs with salt and pepper. Add the rillette and combine. Place in a skillet and put into the oven at 180°C till the eggs go puffy. Tip out onto a plate and grate over some cheese and serve with a salad.
  10. Serve with buckwheat pancakes and red onions. Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner

salmon boardServes 6
For the salmon rillettes…
250g-300g salmon
80g cooked prawns, finely chopped
150g smoked salmon, finely chopped
2 tbsp finely chopped chives
2 tbsp finely chopped parsley
2 spring onions, roughly chopped
2 tbsp tartare sauce
100g cream fraiche
30g mascarpone cheese
1 lemon, zested
Salt & Pepper

For the beetroot salad…
2 beetroots, cooked & diced
1 granny smith apple, cut into matchsticks
1 carrot grated
3 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp apple juice

  • Cut the lemon into half. Reserve half and slice the other half. In a saucepan fill 3/4 full with water Add the sliced lemon, peppercorns and salt and bring to the boil.
  • Add the salmon to the fragrant boiled water and cover with cling film for 8-10 mins/ till cooked, depending on thickness of salmon. When cooked plunge into a bath of ice water.
  • Combine the remainder of the ingredients in a bowl and the salmon and mix until the salmon is broken up into small flakes.
  • Serve as you like or with one of the suggestions above.
  • For the beetroot salad: Combine all the ingredients together

Oh So Sweet Baker’s Notes

  • Do not over mix the rillette as you still want small flakes of salmon. It isn’t meant to be smooth.
  • For a great dairy free alternative use avocado.
  • Both mackerel and trout work beautifully with this instead of salmon.
  • If you haven’t got tartare sauce on hand use 1 tsp of chopped capers and an extra tbsp of cream fraiche.
  • Not a fan of prawns. No worries just omit them from the recipe.
  • For an added crunch in the rillette, add finely chopped radishes or celery.

Oh So Sweet Baker x



  1. Thanks for the post. We’d not heard of salmon rillettes and will have to give this a try. By the way – the descriptor “fishy” caught our attention. Fresh salmon should not smell or taste fishy. Cheers.

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