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About the Oh So Sweet Baker…

Rochelle Hutchinson, 19 years young and a lover of food. I live and breathe food. Cooking it, baking it, eating it.

Nothing in the world can explain how much I love cooking, baking and creating things to tantalise the tastebuds. From an early age standing on a stool helping mummy bake to now baking as a profession. I LOVE IT!! I go to uni and it’s food, I come home and watch endless food programmes on repeat, go back to uni to cook some food then come home again a cook and bake some more.

I get excited over food, tiny mini jugs and fancy plates. I have to buy ingredients in bulk. 16kg bags of sugar,  25kg bags flour and 2.5kg bags of chocolate because I bake so much. Believe me I will get through it

Half, no I lied. Most of my money goes on foodie things, mainly cookery and baking books from Amazon, different sprinkles and ingredients and lots of cake tins and baking trays. But hey, it’s all worth it.

They say the first sign of recovery, is acknowledging you have a problem. And for everyone who thinks I’m cuckoo and weird because of my ADDICTION to all things food related. I admit it I’m slightly addicted, but by no means do I want to recover from it. It makes me happy.

There’s just so much to learn, to experience and discover, it excites me!! It should excite you too.

Knowledge is POWER!!

Forever learning, forever creating, forever making mistakes. This is my journey, my passion and excitement; all documented onto this little blog, straight from the UK, shared with you. My recipes successful and failures, experiences good and bad, likes and dislikes and my on going learnings (I’m new to this food photography thing so please bare with me).

You will see lots of fruit ( I like baking with fruit), small portioned treats, some random rabblings, pictures of my forever messy kitchen 😛 and of course lot’s of baking and cooking going on here. I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I do.

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Lots of Love
Oh So Sweet Baker x
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