St Patricks Day: After Eight Stuffed Cupcakes

I am not a huge fan of holiday baking to be honest. I mean why do you have not wait for valentines day to make heart shaped cookies or fruit cake at Christmas. I don’t just make holiday related items at the designated holiday season, I’ll make it during some random time of the year […]

Salted Caramel Stuffed Cupcakes

I love the snow. Freshly fallen snow that is, untouched by human. The aftermath of snow, I hate. I mean it goes all icy which means there’s 95% chance I’ll fall . Then it goes black and slushy and just horrible. At the moment, where I live, we are at the icy stage so it […]

Oat Streusel & Maple Cupcakes

Yay for cupcakes!!  These cupcakes are in honour of autumn. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The weather is cooler, not like we get hot weather in England anyways, it’s time to ditch those salads for something warm and hearty, the leaves are crisp and are beautiful hues of orange, red & yellow. […]

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