Banoffee Cream Pie or Trifle

Some may say I should rename my blog. Super Fussy Eater. And to be honest I can see their point. With certain food items I can only eat them a certain way, and if they are not eaten that way, I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. My love/hate relationship with bananas is a prime […]

Oreo Cake with Cream Cheese + Vanilla Winner Announced

I’ve been poorly for the past week. All I’ve done is been sick, ate crackers and drink lemon and ginger tea. Repeat several times. I couldn’t manage mum’s lovely lamb or salmon that she cooked on Sunday for Monday, I couldn’t go into work, where I have spent my last 6 days at my new […]

Ups and Downs: Oreo Stuffed Cookies + Good News

Well this week has been one hec of a roller coaster full of emotions. Firstly at the beginning of the week someone tried to break into my house AGAIN!! This is the 2nd time within 5 months this has happened to us. The first time they stole some money and my laptop with all my […]

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