Peach Melba Parfaits

Breakfast isn’t one of my favourite times of the day and I’m not too sure why? I think it is because breakfast foods usually consists of yoghurt, porridge/oatmeal, cereals or some sort of eggs all of which I’m not a fan of. I can handle yoghurt, specific brands of course and eggs, scrambled or in […]

March 2013: Spumoni Mousse Cake

Recently I’ve been ill. Bed ridden ill. I’ve missed days off work, haven’t posted on my blog in a while or my daily pics of instagram. But whilst I have been sick, in amongst the throwing up and constant stomach pains, I have had a chance to browse a bit more often than I usually […]

At War With Eastern Spices: Cardamom & Apricot Layer Cake

I have always thought that the combination on apricots and white chocolate pair to together perfectly. The creamy white chocolate with the sweet fruityness of the apricots compliments each other well. I seriously have no time to chocolate snobs, who consider white chocolate not to be a chocolate just because it doesn’t contain any cocoa. […]

Lemon and Pistachio Loaf

I have a new job as a baker in South Kensington at the famous, HUMMINGBIRD BAKERY!! (click for a review), which takes up a bit of my time. I’m sooooo bad at remembering to take photos of my creations. For some reason I ALWAYS remember after the cake is half finished or the creation is fully demolished, and […]

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Whipping Up a Sweet + Styley Life

Poires au Chocolat

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