Low Carb 2 Minute ‘Pizza’

Okay guys, here is a very quick post and recipe here for you. This pizza is perfect if you are short for time and hungry. While I call it a pizza it is really a tortilla wrap with pizza like toppings and looks like a pizza. Of course this pizza is no knead, no bake […]

Salmon Rillettes + 10 ways to eat it

Sometimes I like to do things backwards. At time it’s just easier that way. Take this post for example. I started with the recipe and notes then went on to the different ways to eat it, simply because I had a bit of writers block. Sometimes I browse on other blogs, magazines, Instagram and Pinterest […]

Salted & Malted Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie in 40secs

Now you know I must be bringing you something that is truly out of this world to be blogging twice in one week. This cookie is the BOMB {dot} COM Over the past few months I’ve notice this cookie in a cup popping up and down on Pinterest, one of my addictions, so I decided […]

Quick and Easy Cheaters Pizza

  I think I have created the next best thing to sliced bread. Maybe even better than sliced bread and admittedly sliced bread is pretty amazing. This thing goes by the name of scone pizza. Yes you saw correctly Scone Pizza!! I had a craving for pizza but I didnt want to spend money ordering […]

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Cupcake Project

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Whipping Up a Sweet + Styley Life

Poires au Chocolat

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