Faux Cornetto Cones + Gluten Free Alternative

Cornetto for me are the ultimate ice cream summer treat. I’m talking about the Walls version. Not the cheap supermarket brand style wands, which taste nothing like the real thing on a budget of £1. C’mon. My family enjoy the nut and chocolate combo, whilst my favourite has to be the strawberry cornetto, which means […]

May 2013: Fresh Strawberry Mint Lemonade

I’ve grown a new kind of love for mint in drinks. The thought of having mint in a drink, whether it be in a mojito, virgin or alcoholic, or served with lemonade over ice just didn’t appeal to me. I’ve always thought it belonged with lamb or in a dip with chilli or yoghurt and […]

World Baking Day: Strawberry Cream Gateaux

Happy world baking day guys. Time for you to bake something you’ve never baked before. I was going to attempt to make macarons, which I can shamefully say I’ve never made before, but I was unprepared so I decided to make this Gateaux. Complete with lashing of whipped cream, strawberries and cats tongues. Yes you […]

Oreo Cake with Cream Cheese + Vanilla Winner Announced

I’ve been poorly for the past week. All I’ve done is been sick, ate crackers and drink lemon and ginger tea. Repeat several times. I couldn’t manage mum’s lovely lamb or salmon that she cooked on Sunday for Monday, I couldn’t go into work, where I have spent my last 6 days at my new […]

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