Compost Cookies

For me cookies hold a special place in my heart (along with all other kinds of baked goods) especially when it is warm and gooey served with and ice cold milkshake. I’m not a fan of milk unless it is in milkshake form, preferably strawberry or vanilla, thick or thin. When I was little I […]

Half & Half Ganache

Ganache is a velvety smooth mixture usually made of double cream and chocolate. I always like to mix dark and milk chocolate in my ganache. The milk chocolate, with it’s creamy sweetness, balances out the bitterness of the dark chocolate. This ganache can be used to make home made truffles, sandwich between two cookies or […]

Oh So Sweet Baker

Heaven in a mouthful

Pastry Affair

Heaven In A Mouthful

Chasing Delicious

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Cupcake Project

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Heaven In A Mouthful


Whipping Up a Sweet + Styley Life

Poires au Chocolat

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raspberri cupcakes

Heaven In A Mouthful